Attention Small Business Owners and Professionals…Tired of Turnovers and Revolving Vacancy Doors?

 Want to Know How to Hire Independent Contractors and Employees Who are Tailor Made for Your Business? 

We work with high performing individuals, teams and companies showing you how to zero in on the Right Independent Contractors and Employees that are a Right F.I.T. for your business.


A Note From Robin

“How much does one misplaced person cost you? 

Some experts say you lose three times that person’s salary-that does not include the emotional, mental and physical dividends you pay out related to stress, burnout and more.  Have you checked your health insurance bill this month?

It doesn’t get any better when you have to replace the same person either!

The amount of money you lose in productivity, recruitment and training can “easily exceed 200% of your employees’ salary and 10% of your revenue” according to some career specialists.

“FINALLY!  Discover How Much Profit You’re Losing Weekly and Monthly With the Wrong People and Vacant Positions. Click on the image below to use Wearing The Right C.A.P.™’s What’s My Profit? Calculator™  Now.”

“It would take the “index of eternity” to express the effectiveness and power of this insightful, introspective series. In a world where people are in a constant state of evolution; it is paramount that we possess the knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses. The “Wearing The Right C.A.P. series provides a scientific reality to our best placement to society…and the marketplace.  As a result of experiencing this series I have confidence and resolve about how and where I am most effective.  I salute you, Robin Kegler, for wearing the right cap!”   William A.D. Hamilton State of Maryland

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